Meet the Board


Ajatshatru | President

A caffeine dependent life form, Ajatshatru is a law student specializing in international law.  He aims to pursue Masters in International Relations and International Law and hopefully a Ph.D. Besides his academic endeavors, he likes to conduct research, essentially a reading addict, loves gaming, graphic designing, music festivals, scuba diving and meeting new people. Whilst his friends are busy with studying, work and parties, he is still trying to figure out a way to wake up before 10 am.


Amir | Treasurer

Amir's dedication for law and economics got him here on this page, somehow. As they say, he is a very smiley, positive and open-minded towards people. Amir strives, slowly and steadily, to climb the corporate ladder and realize his ambitions, and Invictus would be one of the best possible platforms to achieve them. His role in Invictus is to appropria..., account funds.


Carla | Marketing

Carla promised to herself that one day she would come back home in her motorcade. Since then, she has been focusing on the fields of International, European and Commercial Law, while embracing the enriching opportunities provided by the City of Peace and Justice. In the time between tirelessly paving her way towards international relations and diplomacy, she loves promoting chances for making students ponder, debate and grow.


Francesca | Head of MUN

Francesca's love for debating found the perfect channel when she discovered MUNs, in which a group of people, like her, found that having heated discussions for hours was actually fun!
She is now studying in her second year of a course that reflects another great passion of hers: International law. She has big dreams in which she may combine these two interests of hers for a future in diplomacy and international relations. Francesca's drive to achieve great things is what attracted her to Invictus; here she looks forward to giving people a platform to enter into the world of diplomacy and debate through MUNs.


Jussara | Secretary

Jussara moved across the Atlantic Ocean determined to keep compelling conversations alive across the world. Maybe due to her mixed Latin-European background, she knows how to get a conversation going but is also a great listener. No wonder why she chose to pursue a career in conflict resolution. Jussara is eager to contribute in making Invictus a conflict free association as she knows communication is the backbone of every team. She looks forward to listening to new ideas and having a one-to-one over a coffee or tea – but always cake.