Nuremberg Moot Court – through the eyes of Invictus Team


We have the pleasure to announce the successful participation of that the Invictus Team which participated in the Nuremberg Moot Court Competition 2018, an international criminal law moot court held every year in Nuremberg, Germany. The competition takes place at the historic Memorium Nuremberg Trials, the birthplace of International Criminal Law, and the location at which the allied powers brought the Nazis to justice. Continue reading to see what the participants thought of the experience!

From left: Vanessa, Nastasya and Zaynab

Zaynab Kasmi
From 25 to 28 July, Natasya, Vanessa and myself as well as Ajatshatru, the coach represented the Hague University at the 2018 Nuremberg Moot Court! A total of 58 teams participated in this moot court in international criminal law. Our team pleaded in a fictional case before the International Criminal Court concerning alleged crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes incorporating, the question of cyber-attack.

We were provided with the unique opportunity to train our international law argumentation skills and apply what we have learned, in particular in our international criminal law classes, into a concrete case. This moot court was a learning experience for me. I would recommend every law student participating in a moot court at least once in their career.

Natasya Francisca
Nuremberg Moot Court 2018 was truly an amazing experience for me. I love that we get to see the courtroom where for the first time in the history of international criminal law, individuals were held accountable for committing an international crime. The atmosphere of the courtroom, as well as the Nuremberg city, was totally magical and full of history. The team stayed there for 4 days (the duration of the moot), during this time we met so many students, law professionals and judges from all over the world! Although we did not win, I was just really happy with the whole experience, from months of writing briefs (and a few mental breakdown :P) to the day we got to plead in the court, was truly something that I will never forget. Special thanks to Invictus and our mentor, Ajat, we wouldn’t have done it without you! And for future mooties, I’d say go for it! No matter how it ends, it was an experience that you won’t regret it.
Vanessa Leon
Our first meeting as the delegation was a little bit overwhelming; reality hit me as I realized how much effort this was going to cost me particularly as a first-year student with barely any knowledge of the topic. At our following meetings, however, we were provided with multiple tips and tricks by our coach regarding conducting research and how to start writing the memo. I gained more confidence and started to enjoy this challenge more and more; I started seeing it as what it was: an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and learn in depth more about ICL, legal writing and debating. Working on this while simultaneously not neglecting my school obligations was challenging at first but turned out to work surprisingly well. Starting to prepare the oral phase was another challenge as we had to do this over summer break without the ability of physically meeting. At this stage, we were left with more independence from our coach, a situation which gave us a chance to strengthen our team spirit as it got us closer.

When we finally arrived in Nuremberg, we were all more than excited. We faced another problem arriving there which resulted in us having to change our strategy last minute but turned out better than we expected. The round where I participated, we represented the Prosecution, and although I was nervous at first, I appreciated every minute talking as it was the opportunity to apply everything I had learned leading up to that moment. Thanks to the prior research and rehearsals I was able to answer to most questions asked and could rely on my team to take care of the rest.

While we did not make it to the knockout stage, having the chance to plead once was already extremely rewarding for me personally. Learning that we won that round and that I won the best speaker of the room was my little personal victory, enough reason to feel accomplished and proud. Overall, participating was an amazing opportunity I am highly grateful for as I added to my academic as well as personal development.

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