Invictus Think Tank

The Invictus Think Tank is dedicated to advance the students’ abilities to do efficient research, while critically assess and comprehend the material found in a timely manner. The students will learn how to do in-depth and extensive research, which will, undoubtedly, facilitate their academic studies and future careers.

The main areas on which the Think Thank will focus are social and security policies, military, business policies, politics and governance and their link to the legal spectrum.

The participants will be provided with guidance on the successful retrieval of most relevant sources, understanding the sources, assessing reliability, proper citation, and usage. Moreover, the students will advance their writing abilities and further their overall knowledge throughout their academic subjects.

But why should you do research at all?

It allows you to take on a project that isn't "just another known exercise". It is rewarding when you realize that you were the the first human to see those results that could hold the key to future advances in your field. All human knowledge was obtained through research of some way, shape, or fashion if you look deep enough. Lastly, it allows you to build your professional network very fast.


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