Join our Delegation to Paris International Model United Nations 2019

PIMUN was founded in 2011 by students from the most prestigious Parisian Universities (CINUP MEMBERS). This event is a great opportunity for young people to engage in a Model United Nations with a “French Touch”.

As a Model UN Conference, PIMUN is a simulation of different committees of the United Nations. Four days of negotiations and debate bring students from all around the world together, debating on current and global issues.

With 600 participants, world-famous guest speaker and an unmatched quality of academics and debate, PIMUN is an incredible opportunity for future leaders and pioneers of a new world order.

In 2019, they will be focusing on three main issues: CLIMATE ACTION, GENDER EQUALITY, AND LA FRANCOPHONIE.

Additional Information:

  • Number of students in our delegation: 10 Students
  • Language of the competition: English
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Registration Fee: 90 EUR

Important Dates:

  • Deadline for applying: May 5, 2019
  • Conference dates: May 30 – June 2, 2019

Contact Person

Francesca Niamh Lave
Head of MUN Society (2017-2020)

Overview of MUNs

What are Model UNs?

Model UNs are simulations of conferences of the United Nations for students from all around the world, held in nearly every country.

How are they structured?

In these conferences, each student takes on the role of “delegate” of a country and debates for that country’s interests regarding specific topics. The conferences are divided into different committees, to reflect the different bodies the UN is comprised of. Each delegate is also assigned a committee, and each committee discusses issues of global relevance.

Why should you participate?
  • Grow as a world citizen
  • Master public speaking and debating
  • Learn how to research
  • Expand your network, as you’ll be meeting the leaders of tomorrow
  • It looks amazing on your CV
  • Learn about the workings of the UN
  • Enjoy the socials and parties!
How do we prepare you for the MUN?

The MUN Training sessions will cover a general introduction to how an MUN is structured, its Rules of Procedure (RoP), how to conduct research, how to write position papers and clauses, public speaking (prepared and improvised speeches), and lobbying.


A second component of the preparation of the Invictus delegations are the MUN simulations. Multiple simulations are conducted to instruct each delegate. In this way the delegate is prepared to follow the procedure of the conference while using all the necessary formalisms, to deliver successful speeches, and to be the centre of the lobbying process.


Through this training delegates will be prepared to participate and excel in MUN Conferences. Join us and improve your public speaking, research, writing skills, and learn in depth about the world’s most arduous challenges. 

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